Saturday, July 12, 2014

Latest Poop Smells Good

Just an update...

RSA issues will soon be offered on Comixology (Amazon). These will be individual issues and not the collected books. Eventually, I'll mirror this on my online store. Issues will be higher resolution and 99ยข each. Volume 3, issues 19-23 are done, and working on Volume 3, issues 16-18. I'll soon submit Volumes 4 through 7 to Comixology. New issues (Volume 8) will also eventually be offered. Not to mention the Doctor Gorpon and Weird Melvin series.

I say eventually a lot and mean it. I continue to plod purposely ahead without losing sight of the end goal - having all of my stuff available digitally.

Made beer #25 last weekend, so it's still fermenting away in the basement. This'll be my third doing a keg instead of bottling - definitely easier and faster. Hops are growing good so far - would love another 3+ ounce crop.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

More on Coloring

Not all books were colored in the method spelled out here. The issues done by the NOW staff were painted blue lines using watercolors and dyes, brush and airbrush. Almost all of the covers I did were done this way. I think Volume 3 Issue 5 was the only one not painted.

Volume 3 Issues 8 and 9 were colored with a special set of markers. I can't remember what they were, but it was at the request of whoever was doing the color separations. As the markers ran out, the tones became inconsistent and basically looked crappy.

The color separations in Fangraphix Issue 4 (1985) was done by Tony Caputo and I by hand. This was done by pasting a stat of the art on a board and then taping three layers of acetate on top. Each layer represented cyan, magenta and yellow. On those layers we would adhere different screens of zipotone for tones and rubylith for solid color. If there was a tone for black, that was adhered right to the stat. This was extremely tedious, but was a good education on color breakdowns and helped when I colored the later books. Aah, the good ol' days before computers.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coloring Books

The digital coloring is complete for Volume 3 issues 19 through 23. This will comprise Comic Collection #8. Below will give you an idea of the difference. In the image, on the left is a scan of the original comic page and on the right is the new coloring. Besides the improvement in quality, mistakes are being fixed along the way. And every page has several mistakes. For most of the books, I indicated the coloring. This was done by making photocopies of each page to printed size. I then colored the photocopies with Prismacolor markers because they wouldn't smear the photocopy ink or bleed on the paper. Each area of color was then marked referencing a color chart from the printer. Each color had it's own id number. Tony Caputo allowed me to do 3-4 gradients per book. The fewer the better because they cost extra.

Many of the mistakes in coloring were due to the printer not following my marker indications exactly. So, sometimes you'd get a character's hand colored the color of their arm sleeve. And then there are the books that weren't colored by myself, and all I have to do is refer you to issues 16 and 25 of Volume 3. In the image below, on the left is a panel from issue 16 colored by the NOW staff, and on the right is the same panel that I did from issue 25. In the panel colored by the NOW staff, you can't even tell the dad is wearing a tie, and all of the cross hatching in the background, which takes time to execute, disappeared in a dark blue blur. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased. After crap like that, I was not the friend of the NOW staff.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last Chance, Poop Heads

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harold Ramis No Mo

I guess this means there'll be no Snart movie. Below, inks I did for the cover of NOW's Ghostbuster comic. [UPDATE]: Finished coloring Volume 3 Issue 21, and now working on 19 and 20. Beer #24 is quite tasty.