Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Latest Crap

The first Ralph Snart comic in a long spell hit the stands the first week of July. Another stellar job by Brenner Printing - the quality of the print job was great. I've been getting comments about the ALL black & white format - like it was a stroke of genius. Hey, I just thought that it would be more honest if a black & white comic had black & white covers also. It just feels deceiving when you pick up a comic with a glorious 4-color cover, and then, bam, the insides are all black & white! Why not celebrate glorious black & white by doing it throughout?

I'm too busy right now to pay much attention to what's going on. Too busy making a living, writing the next issue and making beer. Actually, I'm about done writing the next issue and the beer is already made - and it's yummy too (a fine light brown ale). I've been battling tendonitis in my drawing elbow too, which I can hopefully heal before I begin inking the second RSA. Inking is a bear on the elbow. I tend to have a death grip on my brush when I ink. Gotta relax, man!

I've received some real nice emails lately due to the new comic release. I get lots of mail from 30-somethings that read RSA in the 90's, and thought they were being so naughty for doing so. I warped their young minds and am responsible for their twisted upbringing and the deranged result. Hey, if you want to see even more warped minds, just look at the yahoos that grew up reading Archie & Jughead.

I cringe when I get the letters from would-be artists asking for insight or inspiration. It's cool if my stuff has influenced someone artistically, and not that I'm against imparting advice and whatnot (like I know much), but no matter what I say, it always gets taken the wrong way. Especially if my answer involves them having to do a some work or practice. However, if I happen to crush the dreams of some young "talent" wanting to make it big in the comics industry, it'll either give them the thick skin they need to survive in said industry or help in more swiftly purging them from where they don't belong. Like it's for me to say where anyone belongs or not, but, hey, take it with a grain of salt already. I'm not going to do them the disservice of lying to them and telling them they're the next wunderkind of the comics world. Let your grandma encourage you. Gads, that sounded heartless. Okay, next time I'll say "your stuff looks great, you're not quite there yet, but keep trying." Or maybe, "you're on the cusp of stardom!" I just like saying cusp. But it's not like I'm saying they suck or anything like that - they just take it the wrong way. Moving on...

I'm supposed to do a radio show this weekend for a Detroit-area station. An interview type deal about me and Snart - should be REAL exciting. Of course, I'll be asked, "Well, how did you think up such a craaaaazy character?" (like I've never been asked that before). Hell, I don't know. Look at Spiderman or the Hulk - now those are some pretty demented creations. I'd have to say that Stan Lee has more issues than I ever did or will. If Stan hadn't gone into comics, he probably would've been a serial killer or something. Now, I can be all snotty about this show only because I happen to know the fellers running it. They're also desperate to fill time, hence an interview with an obscure and hardly-known cartoonist.

so much for now...


Blogger FJ said...

Hey Marc -

Your good buddy here (known as FJ on the internet).

Any chance you'll be able to distribute or post an MP3 recording of your interview? Would love to hear it.

Pride is indeed a sin, but I'm kinda proud that I brought the link to your attention, and I'm also thinking about just how loserish it was of me to even type that into blogger to see if anyone had claimed it yet. In any case, I hope this is the first of many, many posts, even if it's just a redundant posting of your news items.

I received the Snart issue in the mail but it's still sitting in the post office; been a busy week and I hope to be reading the comic tonight.

- FJ

7/17/2008 2:01 PM  
Blogger Marc Hansen said...

I count on you to keep me abreast of my current internet presence! Keep up the good work. I should be able to get an mp3, and you may also be able to hear it live. I'll post the latest details as I get them...

7/17/2008 2:08 PM  

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