Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beer Yeast!

Just so you know, yeast is the most important ingredient in beer. I prefer Rogue's Pacman ale yeast, which has great qualities all around. As you might know, it's hotter than hell in most of the country right now, so instead of buying my yeast, I dipped into my yeast bank and pulled some Pacman cultures I made during the winter. I'm a novice at yeast culturing, but danged if it isn't working. We'll see how long it takes to build up enough yeast cells for a five gallon batch (about 100 billion should do). The trick is to keep feeding it more and more food until you get at least 150ml of yeast slurry (the more the better).

On the comic front, for the second Ralph Snart comic, I've got eleven pages pencilled, the back cover is half inked, and the front cover is about 30 percent pencilled. I'll post the cover as soon as the pencil is done. It'll be loose, as all my pencils are, but you'll get an idea of what I'm up to.


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