Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot Discovered in North Carolina

Here's the latest update on the next Ralph Snart comic; 18 pages are pencilled and lettered, the back cover is done and I've started to ink the front cover. I'm on track, and actually a little bit ahead of schedule.

Tomorrow is brew day and the yeast is ready. I'm making a pale ale - the recipe isn't anything special, but it's probably the best beer I've ever had. Here's a brief recipe (for 5 gallons)...

9.5-lbs. Pale 2-row
12-oz. Victory
12-oz. Crystal 20L
1-oz. N. Brewer @ 60 min.
.5-oz. Willamette @ 12 min.
.5-oz. Willamette @ knockout
6-oz. Demerara for priming

IBU: 30
SRM: 6.7
OG: 1.057
FG: 1.011

That will make sense only to other brewers, but there you go. My hops crop this year is doing great also. Only Nugget seems to do well in this climate (hot & humid). Harvest time is still 3-4 weeks away. That's all for now, fools. Whatcha expect? A story about Bigfoot?


Blogger FJ said...

Hm, maybe I'll start brewing me own lager...or you could just sell some to me...come on, you know you wanna ship unapproved brews across state lines to me, MH :)

8/21/2008 8:18 AM  

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