Monday, August 25, 2008

Bush, McCain Caught Dancing Naked

Alright, here's the sad state of affairs. I've got all of the pages for RSA #2 pencilled and lettered. Next up is to build printer spreads, so I can print out a mockup for proofing/editing. Only about 30% through with inking the front cover.

I've gotten a couple of emails about the beer recipe. Basically, a Pale 2-row with no more than a pound of Victory and Crystal each seems to work. My use of N. Brewer and Willamette was simply what I had left over from a previous batch. Although, N. Brewer is a great bittering hop, Nugget will work too. It may work better because it has a higher alpha so you could use less of it. I prefer Willamette or a Hallertauer for flavoring and finishing. You can use pretty much any sugar for priming and not taste the difference. Corn, cane or demerara will work, although if you brew a corn beer, use a corn sugar for priming. My final rant on beer is to keep the IBUs somewhere betweem 25 to 30 (at least for ales). My opinion is don't over hop your beer (I know it's cool and all). There should only be enough hops to (1.) preserve your beer and (2.) balance the sweetness of the barley. Oh, and the beer I made last weekend is now in the secondary fermenter and doing just fine.

You know, wouldn't it be just like Bush to dance naked with McCain?


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