Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Latest Poop

On my last post in the comments, I went off on poor Jesse about first-issue fever. Looking back at when NOW v3.0 was publishing, the first RSA trade paperback (you know, the 400+ pager) sold more than all of the rest of the other books put together. And that book was crap; the printing sucked, there were missing pages, it reprinted stuff that is already easily attainable via back issues on ebay, etc. I don't know why anyone bought the darn thing or why The Evil One published it.

I'm just trying to understand the psychology of the whole thing (and have been for the last 20 years). What was the name of that publisher that only put out number ones?... I really don't think they put out an issue number two... What I should've done was start the new comic series with number two and just skip one. That would've been good for sales. Of course, then there's all those stupid arshes that had the balls to publish a number zero issue. Zero? That might have been fitting, however, since zero denotes nothing or no value.

Anyhoo, I've got two pages inked and should have five done by Sunday. The beers priming and will be ready the weekend after next, which is also another brew day! I'm also working on updating the MHS! website.


Blogger FJ said...

I doubt anyone begrudges your rant on issue #1's. It's common sense, and you're in the industry, so we trust your word on it. I'm not a comic collector so I can't say I'm into that *now*, but back when I was a kid collecting Snart, of course I thought it was cool to get a new #1. But only because it meant a new volume of Snart. I recall secretly hoping by the end of Volume 4 (the mini-series) that the last page would be a "gotcha" moment and that the Snart-train would continue to roll on from there. Of course there was a V5 later on but, well, you get the point.

Would have been something if back in the day you refused to ever do a #1 beyond Volume 1, which would have meant Volume 1 would have kept going for twenty years... :)

9/22/2008 7:17 AM  

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