Thursday, September 18, 2008

WOWIO flaws

There's a couple of flaws with the WOWIO web comic site, which users can easily exploit. The site lets you download two free comics after setting up your account (providing a name and email address), but if you just keep making up names and email addresses, you can download as many comics as you want for free. Of course, you still need to find more than two comics worth downloading. Exploit this while you can before their webmasters figure out how to do a client ip check.

Also, their pdf security sucks. Within a couple of minutes, I was able to figure a way to extract pages from the pdfs using default software on my Mac. That said, one could easily get rid of the inserted ads (I'm sure the advertisers would love to hear that). With the correct security settings, they could prevent this. WOWIO's method of creating pdfs sucks too. Their downloads are in the 15-20 mb range, which could easily be cut by 30-50% (while retaining the same fidelity) if they knew how to make pdf web comics the right way. Very shabby.


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