Friday, October 10, 2008

The Mob Rules

The Pit Bull has stirred Republican rallies into a frenzy so much that they've turned into free-for-all, hell-raising keggers. Now McCain can't control his own supporters who are too busy shouting racial slurs, waving signs like "kill the liar", and tapping quarter barrels to give a crap. The Secret Service is so busy working crowd control (and making sure the lines to the beer tents are orderly), that they've given up protecting McCain and Palin. I'm going to one of these McCain rallies, if there's one in my area, because it could prove to be an awesome debauchery of anarchy, bloody red meat and plenty of cold, draft beer.

Such irony; when the Swift Boat perpetrators get more than what they've bargained for (or more frightening exactly what they intended); an unruly mob of zealot right-wing (heavily armed and drunk) Christian fundamentalists out for blood. The logic they've created for the Republican devoted is overwhelming; it would be high treason to let this lying, Muslim, foreign terrorist be President and must be stopped at all costs.


Blogger FJ said...

That's why Ron Paul should have won the nod, to change the Republican party back to what it should have been about in the first place and to return to the libertarian, Constitutional values upon which this country was founded.

10/29/2008 10:06 AM  

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