Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Free Web Comics

My website update has been uploaded. It features three free web comics, which people have already started to download. I've made a "how-to" since a few have had problems. Hey, I made it as easy as possible! Here's the how-to. I think part of the problem is that you guys get so excited when something is free, YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! I do the same thing, so I should talk.

Also, these free web comics are a prelude to other web comics, which will be offered for a price (through PayPal). Don't fret, the price will be more than reasonable. The web comic pdfs are encrypted and the ability to print has been restricted. Some might figure a way around this, but the resolution is only 150 dpi, so what's the point? Each page of the pdf you download will also have the transaction id and your email address in the bottom left corner. This is to mark the pdfs and hopefully restrict the posting of them on bittorrent sites. Again, some may be able to figure a way around this.

You'll only be allowed to download the web comic once (actually once per email address). Obviously, this is to restrict bandwidth abuse and to force users to actually visit my site in order to download the web comic (that's kind of the point).

And for those idiots out there (and you know who you are); just because you downloaded the web comic doesn't mean you can post it on your own (or other) (or any) websites for people to download. You may call it "sharing" but there are federal laws that call it copyright infringement. Here's a good rule of thumb; if you don't own the copyright to the contents of a file, DON'T PUT IT ON THE INTERNET! It really is that simple.

Now I know these same idiots only have a limited IQ, and it's hard for them to wrap their minds around these concepts (laws, stealing, et al). There will also be some so delusional that, upon downloading a web comic, they will now think they not only own the Ralph Snart trademark and all of the copyrights, but that they are now Marc Hansen; the world-famous cartoonist extraordinary! They'll start going to comic conventions as myself where they'll do sketches and sign autographs. Hell, maybe even a commercial for a local car dealership. And all from downloading one of my free web comics.

If you're still confused, go here.


Blogger Brian Meredith said...

The new website looks great!

1/01/2009 9:27 PM  
Blogger Marc Hansen said...

Thanks. It's a different approach - everything possible all on one page instead of the main page just being a hub.

1/02/2009 7:25 AM  

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