Thursday, March 12, 2009

This kind of crap is embarrassing

Check this out.

This is what I'm talking about... an inane catering to the collectors market. Should I slap Obama on the next cover of Ralph Snart? Yeah, I'll have Ralph fist bumping the prez. That sure would make it a "collectors item". Wizard says they're celebrating Obama's presidential win, but that's a load of crap. They want idiot collectors and retailers to order multiple copies. Some would say it's an attempt to get "non comic fans" into the store (however futile, misguided and ridiculous that attempt may be). Look for it in the dime bin in about six months.

Now check this or this out. The Staff Picks weren't picked by the Diamond staff. The Certified Cool books really aren't picked by anyone or any entity and declared cool. They're advertising - a publisher pays money to have their book put in these sections. Of course, Diamond will think your book is cool if you give them money!

So how about this... you give me $200 and I'll put your name in a section of this blog called "Snart's Cool Drinking Buddies". Would that be so wrong?


Blogger FJ said...

dude I'd pay two GRAND for that honor...

in fact, just make me into a cartoon so i can actually drink glog light with Ralph.

3/13/2009 8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By extension: You must see libraries and museums as Satan-spawned myopic hoarders of hellish proportions. With the vast collections of art and artifacts in their obsessive clutches I’m surprised we aren’t reading about the crusade of the Snart-Bomber versus the evil corporate bastards who sponsor such abominations.

Perhaps you’ve missed the true value of a collection; sharing it with friends, family and community. Ah, there we have it, your blind spot. Having no collection other than bitter pills of frustration, bitterness and rage to share, you have no friends, family or community interested in what you have to offer to them.

Mere weeks ago you were proud to offer autographed paper copies of Ralph Snart to the general public. Now you are Mr. Green Snart, champion of Internet comics and savior of natural resources because Diamond Comic Distributors has decided the lack of interest your product generates doesn’t merit the waste of their time and resources?

You blame everyone and everything for the sorry state of affairs that is your life except the one true source responsible for it; a complete lack of people skills, your myopic obsession with the sound of your own opinions and a complete inability to see value in any point of view other than your own.

Why is it you’re alone in fighting windmills when so many other creator owned titles have joined together in their war against the corporate giants roaming the literary landscape today? Even Paul Dini found a spot with Image, why is it there is no spot for you in any of the creator owned houses?

I think the answer is easily found in your very own blog. Is there anything about anything you like at all? Beer and the sound of your own horn tooting your past glories seem to e the only things you find any value in whatsoever. Everything else is a twisted ball of lies, falsehoods and conspiracies designed with no other purpose in mind than repressing good men like you. I come away from your blog with an image of you much like the portrayal of Jonah in the Old Testament. Remember him sitting under the tree fuming in self-righteous anger, waiting for God to smite what he perceived as sinners completely lacking any redeeming qualities? Remember how God showed him the only real problem was in Jonah’s own perspective of the world?

We surf here in nano-seconds and leave just as quickly because it doesn’t take us long to realize what a nasty little place it is you’ve built here. We leave thinking, “Well, his Snart book is kinda funny, but man what a whack job, Marc is.”

Later, loser!

3/14/2009 4:14 PM  
Blogger Marc Hansen said...

Who in their right mind rattles off a 500 word tirade and then doesn't have the balls to sign their real name? Honestly! Well, Mr. Anonymous, you've taken my bait and have made a thorough ass of yourself (how easily bedeviled my prey are). I love it how the tiniest of slights can send these feebs off into such nonsensical rants. Their worlds are so fragile! Plus I get quoted some scripture to boot (like that's going to help). All I can do is stand back and admire these glorious little rants for it only helps prove my arguments. Thanks, buddy!

3/14/2009 4:49 PM  

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