Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Comic Book Collectors Should Be Declared Legally Insane

The obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) known as comic book collecting should be treated like any other mental disorder, and that's with the proper medication, therapy by a licensed professional and, if necessary, confinement in a mental health facility. Over ten thousand deaths each year can be attributed to this serious disease, and only now are scientists beginning to understand it's symptoms, prevalence and prevention.

The typical comic book collecting sufferer displays a wide range of dangerous symptoms; including persistent fears of not being able to find certain favorite comics and repetitive behaviors of bagging and then rebagging the thousands of comics in their collection. If you know someone showing these symptoms, contact the authorities immediately.

Scientists studying comic book collecting agree that psychological and biological factors play a role in causing the disorder. In almost all cases, the sufferer has a frontal lobe half the size as normal and they were taunted by bullies in grade school. What researchers don't understand yet is why these two particular factors in combination create the comic book collector disorder. There currently is no cure, but a Stanford trial study on monkeys using gene therapy has shown some promise.


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