Saturday, October 3, 2009

Manufactured Hate

At least when "liberals" hated Bush, they did so because he waged an illegal war in Iraq wasting hundreds of billions of dollars killing thousands of Americans and innocent Iraqis, cut taxes for the rich creating an ever increasing gulf between the rich and poor classes, alienated the U.S. from our allies abroad with his "go it alone" slash preemptive strike doctrine, and trashed the Bill of Rights by illegally torturing and spying on people.

To counter this, "conservatives" have resorted to manufacturing hate towards Obama. Those that believe that Obama is a white-hating racist Muslim born in Kenya that wants to enslave us all under a yoke of socialism and take away our guns and with the secret intent on killing us with death panels before we feel the effects of our old age know what I'm talking about. This small and fervent base that the Republicans are exploiting serves only in making conservatives look like a pack of insane zealots, which will push them further away from the middle. All of which goes to prove my long held maxim that yes, people really are that stupid.


Blogger FJ said...

they're all beautiful, marc...

Obama got involved in what should have been Chrysler's demise, influencing the bankruptcy proceedings and giving them billions in cash so Fiat - of all companies - could swoop in without a cent of their own money and save the day. My tax dollars and the phony ones printed by the Fed which water down all our paychecks were used for that? That's only the tip of the iceberg too.

Decentralize authority, decentralize government. The last thing we need is nanny-state garbage like they have in the UK.

10/03/2009 1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see Obama repealing any of the Patriot Act bullshit. In fact he voted for the FISA domestic spying bill last year, which also retroactively protects the telecom companies from being prosecuted for their illegal involvement. Obama still has the US military blowing up thousands of poor brown people in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also helped to strong arm congress into passing Bush's bailout of the very criminals who created the economic crisis. As of July the total cost of the bail outs was 23 trillion. Yet jobs are still disappearing at an alarming rate and Wall Street fat cats are giving themselves mega-bonuses.

What's really manufactured is Obama's image as an agent of change. He's really just another front man for the same special interests that have been running Washington for decades. All the stupid birther, death panel and Obama is a secret Muslim crap is just a distraction to keep the people from debating real issues. The whole left versus right gig is just political theater, more akin to pro wrestling than real opposition.

10/03/2009 9:58 PM  

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