Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Buncha Twits

As one interested in how the technology of the net is being used but particularly misused, here's one; I've noticed that many twitter users are posting twits regularly saying that they've updated their blog. This is beyond stupid. Okay, you could say that you're just letting people know you've updated your blog (like an idiot). Blogs have follower notification just like twitter (which is essentially a 140-character blog) and if someone wants to know if you've updated your blog, they (like idiots) should be checking your blog and not twitter. I've got a twitter account and at one point I had nine followers, eight of which were spammers (or whatever you want to call those with no interest in following but only interested in pushing their links and growing their own list of followers (why again?). So, I deleted the eight. Oh, and I have yet to post a twit.


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