Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Future is NOW: Part 2

I just got an AppleTV. Why Apple isn't embracing XBMC is beyond me - better yet, they should just come up with something better (ie: give it the ability to play all media types - in other words, iTunes is not the end all). It's already obvious that the current AppleTV hardware specs can handle all of the different codecs out there - although it may be limited by pixel size (ie: 720p and above may be tough for some codecs that aren't hardware accelerated). All of this (and the future debut of the Apple tablet) has gotten me working on a method for content delivery which would seemlessly handles the iPhone/iPod, tablet and XBMC/other media center players. And by "content", I mean Ralph Snart comics. Yes, yet another means of distributing RSA, but, hey, I'm just trying to keep up with the technology. This is a game changer - a cheap 7" x 10" tablet will render printed comics obsolete. It'll take over college text books first, then grade school text books, newsstand books and magazines, newspapers and so on. Sorry, lumberjacks, you will be out of a job.


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