Sunday, January 31, 2010

Offline is going offline for a while - just the main page with the store - the fan site and blog will still continue. I'm in the process of moving my "operations" to yet another state, and managing the orders would be impossible. I'm also planning a major overhaul of the site and making it optimized with the new iPad format and may also create an iPad app. So, stay tuned, morons.


Blogger Andy said...

excitement is in the air!

2/05/2010 12:39 AM  
Anonymous Jordan said...

Where are ya movin, Marc?

2/06/2010 12:33 PM  
Blogger Adam Black said...

Whoa. I looked around for you online a year or three ago and all I got was a Wikipedia page and some random Snart images on other people's websites.

Searched again today and BLAM! How exciting.

I'd say more, but it'll all come off as fanboy raving. I'm just glad I finally found your site. :)

3/04/2010 3:35 PM  

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