Monday, November 22, 2010

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I had a number of lofty goals for 2010. Mostly revolving around selling my home in NC and buying a new home in MI. If you've heard a little about the housing market as of late, it's little crazy out there. All in all, the sale and purchase were successes and the transporting of my earthly belongings from point A to point B (and then actually to point C and then to point D) went without a hitch (although it was a huge pain in the ass). Definately not something I want to do again anytime soon (and this from someone who has moved almost 2 dozen times in the last 25 years.

Well, I submitted an epub to Apple's iBookStore about a week ago and it's still being reviewed (it's a version of the RSA: Comic Collection #2 trade paperback but in color). Good luck to the poor schmuck that has to wade through 120 pages of Snart. I did this just to see what would happen and to get a feel for the ePub format. Not overly impressed with the format (there's just no elegant way to do it as far as comics are concerned) and with the fact that Apple only accepts ePubs (why not PDFs?). Not to mention Apple's DRM scheme (although you do have the choice of submitting without DRM), which unfortunately restricts the number of devices the ePub can be read. DRM is just a general pain. There is a middle ground; a combination of encryption and stamping, but alas, have not been embraced. Apple will allow stamping if you can get their permission. PDF solves the formatting issue, which is why I'll also offer the book as a separate PDF edition on my site. If it looks like Apple isn't going to ever accept PDFs, this will most likely be the first and last ePub (unless sales are through the roof, which I don't expect).

Also, Apple's pricing structure is based on the printed edition (if one exists), so the price of the ePub is a little higher than I would want. The printed book is $14.95 (USD), the ePub will be $9.99, and I'm figuring to price my PDF version at $6.95 (maybe even lower - haven't "crunched the numbers" yet).

Just so you know, I've changed from doing ebooks of individual comic issues to doing the larger collections based on my (and NOW's) trade paperbacks. I think this ties in better with my current stock of printed books. The collections are more substantial and should simplify a few things. In the end, I think the reader will be more satisfied and economically will get a better deal.

Regardless of all this mindless nickel and dime crap, I'm currently coloring RSA: Comic Collection #3, which, if I get off my lazy duff, will be done by end of the year. After that, I'll do Comic Collection #1. Not sequential but that's because Comic Collection #2 was already colored and ready to go. Eventually, if I can ever get my ST, I'll actually draw some new stuff.

Of my goals for this year, one still eludes me, and that's to make a batch of beer (as I type this, tears are welling up). We shall see. My new abode and climate dictates a new process; my new kitchen isn't as big as the old, and the climate is a lot colder. I'm having to revise my process and build some new "contraptions" to facilitate brewing in my basement. It's doable, but we'll see if I'm able to get it done by end of the year. I'll keep you posted.


Blogger Hanger18shirts said...

Now that you are back in Michigan, will you be at DETROIT FANFARE 2011 ?
the first Fanfare was this past Halloween and was very successful. 2011 will be at Cobo Hall. It would be great to see you a show again. Plus I want to get my hardcovers signed.

11/23/2010 4:02 PM  

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