Monday, December 13, 2010

iBookStore ePub

My book for Apple's iBookStore was rejected (took them a month). No reason given, and in their documentation, it could be one or more than three dozen reasons why. There's also no support at Apple for this. None. So, I went through all of the documented reasons and tweaked a few things in the metadata and the epub file itself. There were two things that I fixed that were technically wrong, but they were very minor. If it turns out those were the reasons for rejection, I'll be slightly pissed. If it still gets rejected, I'm giving up - it's not worth my time fussing with when I can sell my own ebooks in a better format than epub.

Meanwhile, my new brew kettle is coming along. Probably won't be able to make beer this year, but will at least be able to finish testing the new system.

Over halfway through with coloring RSA Comic Collection #3 and should be done by the end of the month.

UPDATE 1:By golly, there is a way to email support. It's nearly hidden - obviously, they don't like getting emails. Now let's see if they respond.

UPDATE 2:Sent an email to Steve about how iBookStore blows (I mean, fails to meet Apple's own high standards). If there's no response from anyone after 30 days, then I'll take it as a kiss off and move on with my life.


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