Monday, January 17, 2011

Ebook Sample

With news that the next iPad may feature a higher res display, I may have to decide to up the size of the ebook page (originally, I was going with 994 x 1538 pixels). Here's a 1324 x 2048 pixel sample.

The size and quality of the image is pretty in your face (this would be the equivalent of 260 dpi). I'll wait until the iPad 2 comes out before finalizing on a size. It may be even bigger - up to 300 dpi (retina display size), so I'll wait until the iPad 2 is officially announced before releasing any ebooks - probably in March. Regardless, the size will be appropriate and definitely candy to the eyes. If the books are at 260 dpi or higher expect the size of each entire book to be in the 30-50 MB range.

Apple never responded to my emails, so no epubs through them. Maybe in a year of so, if they ever get their act together, I'll revisit the epub. Most likely by then, they will allow PDFs in addition to epubs.

About 30 pages are colored of the Ralph Snart Adventures: Comic Collection No. 1. Only another 120 to go! Although it gets monotonous at times, recoloring (and coloring for the first time) the books are a pleasure (hee-hee, total control). When done, I think these ebooks will be the best way to collect Snart (that's my Tony Caputo-style pitch for the day).

Prelim work has started on the 25th anniversary Snart story due hopefully in June. It'll be only ten pages long but will be a tour de force to be sure.


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