Saturday, May 7, 2011

Google Books

My three ebooks have been put on Google Books.
RSA: CC No. 1 RSA: CC No. 2 RSA: CC No. 3
These are just links to see previews of each book with links to my store to purchase. Still determining whether or not to sell them through Google - pricing might be an issue. When Google creates the preview, they remake your supplied pdf. So, their quality is far below that of my ebook pdfs.

Work continues on the next ebook - Weird Melvin: The Comic Book Series. Probably finish this Fall some time. I've got a lot to do this Summer, so it's not my main priority. Doing way too much remodeling on the new abode - here, take a tour...

Front porch demolition (1):

Front porch demolition (2):

Front porch demolition (3):

Whoever enclosed the porch did a half-assed job, but I'll fix that.
In the living room:

Dig the cool hole in the wall of the living room (looking from the dining room):

In the dining room looking across the living room to where my "nerve center" will be (where the stool and drop cloth are):

No place to draw since all my crap is dismantled and piled high in the other rooms of the house. Hopefully, this Fall I'll be working on brand new Snart, but for now, I'm sanding floors.


Blogger Andy said...

Place looks cool, Marc! If you have a spare room, you should undertake a massive beer brewing project.

5/14/2011 3:06 AM  

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