Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's Travel Forward in Time...

Missing from this blog or my site is any kind of coherent future look at what the plans are for Ralph Snart Adventures. The following is my primary plan:

> Digitally color all of my books: every issue of RSA (comic issues volumes 1 through 8), all of Weird Melvin (comic books and strip), and the Doctor Gorpon mini-series. So far, RSA volumes 4 through 7 are done. Right now, I just started issue 3 of the Weird Melvin comic book series. Just to reiterate, the quality of the new digital coloring will be much, much better than scanning the old comic books, (1) because in a lot of cases the comic coloring was poorly done by the NOW staff, and (2) because the quality of digital color is superior to scanning screened printed inks on pulp.


> Ebooks of all of my books: ebooks will be created after the digital color is done. Books will be based on what Marc Hansen Stuff! printed and NOW Comics v2.0 printed, except for the giant 450+ page RSA trade paperback. Volume 3 will be broken up into more digestible chunks (they'll include the volume 2 covers - otherwise volume 2 will not be produced since it was reprinted as the first nine issues of volume 3 - go here if confused). Ebooks will be for sale on my site and eventually Amazon, Google and Apple.

> Free online comics: all issues will be available for viewing online. Likely this will be ad supported. Haven't written the code for the viewer yet, but will most likely be similar to the ones I created in the past. And, of course, it'll be iPad friendly.

> New Ralph Snart issues: As soon as I get my studio set up, maybe in the late Fall(?), I'll start work on volume 8 issue 4 of Ralph Snart Adventures. First, I need to finish remodeling the space, which will hopefully get done by the end of Summer.

> Website update: At some point, I'd like to take the fansite and optimize it for an iPad/tablet platform. A lot of the html is from the original site when it was created in 1998, so there's a lot of out dated garbage.

So there you have it. New stuff is coming, you just need to be patient!


Blogger FJ said...

good luck with everything, looking forward to any & all new stuff you come out with!

6/10/2011 1:28 PM  
Blogger Eddie Mulnix said...

Yeah, a lot of the coloring on those old issues was real crap...the covers were fantastic; the insides, not so good. So I'm psyched to see them re-done. I've never been a fan of reading comics off the computer but the ipad has really changed all that...I wouldn't be surprised if the advent of the ipad leads to a comics renaissance of some sort...

6/12/2011 1:01 PM  
Blogger Marc Hansen said...

If you've seen one of my ebooks, you'll be convinced. Also, what I'll eventually talk about is vector-based (or resolution-independent) comics instead of raster (pixel)-based. That coupled with a hi-res screen will be the pinnacle and the doom of print. Hi-res or retina screens are coming soon, but need faster processors (better code?) to support the vector graphics.

6/12/2011 1:12 PM  

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