Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another KickStarter Load of Crap

Here's another KickStarter load of crap. Amateur mini-comics artist Jeff Zwirek has graduated to big time graphic novels and begging for free money in order to be a "professional". About $4,700 was raised; about $2,100 from 65 backers and about $2,600 from one backer. Those 65 backers prepaid an average of $32 and won't be getting much in return (except a stupid look on their face that'll last a lifetime).

Again, if this person could raise over half of the money from just one backer (if it's not himself or his parents), why not get the rest by doing his own soliciting/borrowing of the remaining funds needed and save almost $500. Why very publicly beg like a homeless person?

Update: Here's another. $10 for a friggin postcard? This has gotta be a scam. At least $35 for a softcover book - whatta rip.


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