Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Latest Poop Part 36

Okay, I'm over my KickStarter tirade. Time for a progress update. My new workspace is finally coming together. Most of my stuff is still packed away in boxes. I've long forgotten where most of my tools and supplies are and in which box, but I'm getting closer...

I haven't been able to draw anything since I finished RSA Vol 8 No 3. Because of that, I've been coloring previously published books. So far, Vol 4-7 of Ralph Snart Adventures are done. Next up will be to color the Weird Melvin mini-series of which issues 1 and 2 are done. That will be released online after RSA Vol 7, and also as an ebook to go with the printed version produced by NOW 3.0. After that will be RSA Vol 8. And after that will be the Doctor Gorpon mini-series and finally the Weird Melvin comic strip collection.

October should be a pretty busy month for me, but starting in November, I plan to start work on RSA No 4 and all the while working on coloring ebooks.

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