Friday, July 20, 2012

New Ralph Snart Book

A new Ralph Snart book is finally in the works. It'll be about 100 pages long, in color and a digital PDF edition only. It'll also be my first resolution-independent ebook.

I finished the code to turn SVG images into PDFs - it's based off of the TCPDF project but heavily modified (and a lot of errors fixed). I'm using TCPDF to generate the PDFs to allow for individualized stamping of each PDF. I'm also using a preprocessing scheme of encrypted graphic resources so each PDF will generate quickly but still be encrypted (AES-256).

I created a test book and the files are only slightly larger than the PDFs I created using hi-res PNG files. Redraw performance is also excellent on the iPad 1. Res-indy graphics are the future with the intro of all of the retina displays coming out. Snart looks awesome zoomed in a nice display!

More info to come...

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