Sunday, August 12, 2012

I just got a Romney Ryan 2012 tattoo on my ass

Just bits and pieces to keep you idiots apprised of my doings...

- Ralph Snart on Twitter for over a year with over 1,200 tweets. Eventually, I want to make a book and illustrate the best tweets.

- Hmm. How long until Facebook figures out Ralph Snart isn't real. If Ralph does get booted, there's still this page. Not that I really care, I despise Facebook.

- The RSA website is over 14 years old. RSA is over 26 years old. Dang! We're getting old.

- Below is the tentative front cover of the new Ralph Snart book. It'll be about 100 pages. Basically, it's RSA volume 8. It'll be split up into eight 12-13 page parts (or issues). Parts one through six are written and drawn, and I'm in the process of coloring those. Seven is written, and I'm almost done writing part eight. Again, this'll be a resolution-independent, digital-only ebook (PDF).

- Preorders are on for a Snart skateboard deck. Click image to enlarge...

- Magazine print sales down. Print is slowly dying. Well, die already!

- Why Google is full of sheet. Downgrading copyright offenders is a good thing, but YouTube, which Google owns, is the worst copyright offending site on the planet. In some search cases, this'll end up promoting the worse offending Youtube results (huh, funny how that happens). Not to mention all of the copyrighted books Google illegally scanned and posted. And then there's Google's concern for privacy. Or how Google has made their billions based on patents they knowingly stole. Or their stealing data from our homes. And these are the bastards worried about our (their) internet freedom (profits). I think Google needs a new slogan.

- And finally, my physical challenge to you is to try carrying a car battery two miles.


Blogger Unknown said...

WEll I have carried a car battery for two miles, believe it or not. it wasn't fun.
and don't hate facebook too much. or at least long enough to accept my friend request.
glad i found this today. Ralph Snart and NOW comics pissed my mother off something fierce

9/23/2012 1:08 PM  

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