Friday, December 28, 2012

Latest Poop part 4

If I was to look back, 2012 was a great year - could've been better in some respects, but no complaints. Still working on the next Ralph Snart digital book. If I can finish it in 2013, it'd be awesome and a miracle. I'll keep plugging along, and we'll see what happens.

Here's a good article on the belabored death of print. [link] Back in 1996, I was creating digital advertising for retailers, and I predicted the death of newspapers. Thought it would happen a lot faster than it has however. I grew up around print and newspapers, so I was familiar with all that went into producing a daily. If I was off on time, at least you could say I was ahead of it.

On the beer front, Beer #19 mellowed out and is almost gone, Beer #20 is still carbonating (I think I cold conditioned too long). On the next one, I'll cut the time in half. I'll brew Beer #21 the first or second Saturday in January. I plan on not doing a secondary fermentation and just go from primary to cold conditioning without the racking to a secondary container - I'm constantly tweaking and experimenting. One of these days I'll nail down my process. Hee, 20 brews equals about one thousand bottles of beer! Cheers to the next thousand.

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Blogger Joseph DR said...

SO what's the status on Ralph Snart, Marc?

11/06/2013 6:10 PM  
Blogger Marc Hansen said...

I'll have a blog post soon on that.

11/07/2013 5:16 AM  

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