Sunday, April 6, 2014

More on Coloring

Not all books were colored in the method spelled out here. The issues done by the NOW staff were painted blue lines using watercolors and dyes, brush and airbrush. Almost all of the covers I did were done this way. I think Volume 3 Issue 5 was the only one not painted.

Volume 3 Issues 8 and 9 were colored with a special set of markers. I can't remember what they were, but it was at the request of whoever was doing the color separations. As the markers ran out, the tones became inconsistent and basically looked crappy.

The color separations in Fangraphix Issue 4 (1985) was done by Tony Caputo and I by hand. This was done by pasting a stat of the art on a board and then taping three layers of acetate on top. Each layer represented cyan, magenta and yellow. On those layers we would adhere different screens of zipotone for tones and rubylith for solid color. If there was a tone for black, that was adhered right to the stat. This was extremely tedious, but was a good education on color breakdowns and helped when I colored the later books. Aah, the good ol' days before computers.


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