Saturday, July 12, 2014

Latest Poop Smells Good

Just an update...

RSA issues will soon be offered on Comixology (Amazon). These will be individual issues and not the collected books. Eventually, I'll mirror this on my online store. Issues will be higher resolution and 99ยข each. Volume 3, issues 19-23 are done, and working on Volume 3, issues 16-18. I'll soon submit Volumes 4 through 7 to Comixology. New issues (Volume 8) will also eventually be offered. Not to mention the Doctor Gorpon and Weird Melvin series.

I say eventually a lot and mean it. I continue to plod purposely ahead without losing sight of the end goal - having all of my stuff available digitally.

Made beer #25 last weekend, so it's still fermenting away in the basement. This'll be my third doing a keg instead of bottling - definitely easier and faster. Hops are growing good so far - would love another 3+ ounce crop.


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