Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ralph Snart #21 Now On Sale At Comixology

Ralph Snart Adventures #21

Ralph Snart Adventures #21

Published by: Marc Hansen
Written by: Marc Hansen
Art by: Marc Hansen
Price: $0.99

Goot's Revenge
When a dungeon of sexy slug monsters can't get it done, it's time to release the hounds, I mean... rats. Holly harbors an insane fugitive - namely Ralph Snart - only to watch him get his butt kicked. Holly then learns the sad, ugly truth about our man Snart.

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Blogger Andy said...

haha, I never knew Ralph was born in Stevens Point, WI. Any reason you chose that location?

8/20/2014 8:33 PM  
Blogger Marc Hansen said...

Point Beer

My friends and I (in our youth) thought Point was a cool beer. Probably because, in Michigan, it was hard to get - you had to go to Chicago or Wisconsin to get it. Fill the car trunk full and then return.

This is way before the craft beer craze. When all you had were manly, skunky beers like Blatz, PBR, Strohs, Altes, Old Milwaukee, Busch, Goebels, Hamms, Falstaff, Black Label, Olympia, Meister Brau, Buckhorn, Weideman.

The funny thing is that Point beer wasn't any better.

8/21/2014 6:46 AM  

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