Thursday, November 13, 2014

Evil Actors

Caught an eBay seller, Michael Browning (comicartcollector), trying to sell some Snart art he bought from Tony Caputo. Only problem; the art wasn't Tony's to sell. The art is the painted blue line for the Ralph Snart promotional folder. The seller ended the auction, but was absolutely no help otherwise in returning the art to it's rightful owner -- even after my making a fair offer for it. 

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure if he tries to sell the art, he may risk prosecution now that he's aware of the history. This kind of thing is pretty murky since he did purchase the art legally (he wasn't aware). Most jurisdictions would award the  art to the rightful owner and leave it to, in this case, Browning to get his money back from Caputo. And then there's the matter of statutes of limitations, which have likely expired.

Overall, not impressed by Browning's reputation as an art dealer or as a person.

Ah, the world we live in -- isn't it a joy to be surrounded by such nice people?


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