Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Doctor Gorpon #3 Now On Sale At Comixology

Doctor Gorpon #3

Doctor Gorpon #3

Story & Art by: Marc Hansen
Price: $0.99

Big Eyeballs
Everyone wants to kill Doctor Gorpon, but the least likely candidate finally finishes him off. Who will it be? The reanimation of the Paranormal Ooze, the hitman hired by Doc's old assistant, the rampaging chocolate bunny terrorizing Big City or the vengeful chief of police?

More information on this series can be found here.

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Blogger The Groovy Agent said...

I recently downloaded and devoured your Doctor Gorpon mini-series. I LOVED it! So unique and original and downright cool in every way! I want more! MORE, I say!!! please?

7/12/2015 7:02 PM  

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