Monday, July 6, 2015

Ralph Snart Volume 6

Ralph Snart Volume 6 should probably be explained.

After ten years (give or take) of not drawing Ralph Snart or ANYTHING at all, I began a new chapter of Ralph Snart Adventures. In 2003, a few things happened, I contacted Tony Caputo, the original publisher of NOW Comics, to see what the "status" was with him, NOW and Ralph Snart. I also contacted, Sgt. Yuck, the owner of, to see what the status was with that domain and his site dedicated to the worshiping of the Snart.

Basically, nobody in particular had the rights to RSA, and the domain was quickly, easily and eagerly given to me. After filing for the Ralph Snart trademark, I began to think about what to do with this new found wealth. Tony wanted to start another iteration of NOW and reprint the old RSA material along with his own books, which I agreed to (might as well). The next couple of years was spent doing that until the NOW "3.0" reboot ended.

After that, I was on my own to do whatever, so from 2003 through 2005, I did RSA Volume 6 as an online web comic -- 16, ten page monthly issues. The story picks up where Volume 5 left off in 1993. Or so I thought... When I started this series, I had totally forgotten about the unpublished issues #6 and #7 from Volume 5. So, instead of picking up the story from Volume 5 Issue 7, I picked up the story for Volume 6 from Volume 5 Issue 5. Craziness!

The other thing that needs explaining is the obvious quality issue with the beginning of Volume 6, which wasn't up to my usual standards, but after coming off such a long layoff, I guess understandable. Both with the writing and art, I was struggling to get my sea legs again (I don't think until the Holy Beer Run begins do things start to get better). By the time I get to the final issue of Volume 6, my confidence is back, so if anything, Volume 6 offers a glimpse at this type of transition.

Anyhow, the first issue of Volume 6 will be on comiXology beginning this Wednesday, July 8.

UPDATED: It should probably be noted that I turned those 16, 10 pagers into 8, 20 pagers.


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