Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's A Hard Life

RSA 0314 RSA 0314

Today I'm releasing Volume 3 Issue 14 of RSA. It's only available on my website for now, but it has been submitted to It'll take a month or two for them to process. Issue 15 will be released in March.

I originally completed issue 14 in April of 1989, and finished issue 15 in June. Also, during this time (from April through June), I was working on the 3-D issue 24.

Issues 14 and 15 of Volume 3 started out as self-parody but ended up turning into a semi-autobiographical farce. A lot of what appears in the issues; between RS and NOW, and myself and NOW, mirrored much of what was going on behind the scenes. Those issues turned out to be very prophetic in a weird and twisted way.

Ralph Snart Adventures being taken over by NOW Comics and being turned into crap was not simply my own paranoia -- it actually happened! Less than a year after I had written and drawn those two issues, I did quit NOW Comics (over money), NOW publisher Tony Caputo did abscond with the rights to the book, and then NOW did let hack writers and artists take over Ralph Snart.

Everything that I might've subconsciously been paranoid about at the time actually did come to pass. Hah! The good news is that I eventually did get paid monies owed (to Tony's credit) and many years later, I reacquired the rights to Ralph Snart (no credit).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these issues. That superhero chick was smoking hot...and Ralph manipulated her with his big babyface LMAO.

3/05/2018 4:58 PM  

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